Inspiration for home renovation


We know finding the right style for your new renovation project can be hard sometimes. That is why we have written a few articles on what amazing designs you can achieve by using our decorative paints. 

Find the right one for you and then give us a shout. We can direct you to the nearest place you can purchase the paints but also help you find applicators that are sure to help you reach that dream look you are after.

Oystar mother of pearl effects

Shine bright like Oystar Words are superfluous to describe this fairytale paint. Just like in the movies, it seems too good to be true. Those special pearl effects look like fairy dust. And yes! It’s a secret in the middle of this. There are precious pigments which give the amazing pearl effect that catch the […]

Kedive – the velvet touch

Get that velvet touch using Kedive paint Imagine just touching the walls from your house and feeling as soft as a baby’s skin. If you want that smooth, delicate texture, Kedive can help you reach your dream décor with a tactile feel! This decorative paint offers versatility above all, so you can personalize it by […]


MICROGRANITE – the problem solver system! If you are here, then you most definitely are looking for an alternative to cement flooring. Because you want the look and feel it offers, but you are fully aware of its drawbacks. This is why we here at Royal Decoration are always searching for ways to better ourselves […]