Kedive – the velvet touch


Get that velvet touch using Kedive paint

Imagine just touching the walls from your house and feeling as soft as a baby’s skin.

If you want that smooth, delicate texture, Kedive can help you reach your dream décor with a tactile feel!

This decorative paint offers versatility above all, so you can personalize it by your liking with great ease.

If you’re looking for inspiration aiming to create the more suitable décor for you and your family, here are some ideas of design that you can achieve, using Kedive.

A timeless sense of elegance – the classic touch

What could be better than a timeless décor for you, your kids and other generations ahead?

Just like a good song, this type of design never gets old.

Waking up everyday just to admire these walls feels so relaxing and powerful. Giving immortality to your wall with Kedive paint is a good idea, and the wisest one.


Embrace of the Sun – the warm feeling

If you want to keep the sunny days with you all around the year choose a warm colour for Kedive paint.

Yellow is said to bring warmth to your home and is considered the color that can both help you relax but also keep your focus.

Use it in a room where you read or study. And while you take a break just touch that gorgeous wall to enjoy the tactile feel.

There’s no much to add, just some things you love!

A peaceful part of the sea - the Mediterranean dream

It looks just like Greece, doesn’t it?

This design is sure set to bring back memories of happy times you had. Come back home into a pleasant atmosphere and get instant relaxation.

Let those perfect blue walls invade your thoughts and feelings with the Mediterranean calmness and peacefulness that you’re craving for.


Kedive paint is not just a paint.

We call these paints liquid wallpapers, because you can achieve designs and variations that regular paint just cannot even dream of.

Besides that, it comes with some advantages:

  • It’s very easy to clean
  • It has a great durability
  • It’ll make you save so much time because it’s so easy to apply. Just in a blink of an eye everything will be all set.

So no more worrying if you’ve put enough glue so that the wallpaper won’t fall down on you.

Elegant or sophisticated, classic or modern.. Everyone has a personal style, so do you.

Take control of your home, it’s easier than ever before.

Take control of your home, it’s easier than ever before.

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