MICROGRANITE - the problem solver system!

If you are here, then you most definitely are looking for an alternative to cement flooring. Because you want the look and feel it offers, but you are fully aware of its drawbacks.

This is why we here at Royal Decoration are always searching for ways to better ourselves and our products. For a long time now we’ve been searching for a product to take flooring and wall decoration to the next level and give you the exact look but with none of the drawbacks of cement AND NOW WE’VE DONE IT. 

After a long development process, we present to you MICROGRANITE!

These are just a few of its benefits

Time saving

2.5 days/system compared to 4+ needed for microcements!

Long storage

Store it for up to 24 months after opening the container!

Impact resistant

Don’t worry if you drop even a hammer on it. It will not chip!


it does not crack under pressure. So you can install it on flexible support surfaces without having any issues in the long run. Just check the picture to the right.


Due to it’s unique installation method and material properties it provides hydroisolation to the support surface. No more infiltrations, no more water damage!


You can install it on almost any support surface to get the look you want anywhere. It allows for installation on concrete, metal, wood, plaster board.

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